uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows

As experts in fitting windows, we have found the perfect solution to all problems. Our years of experience have led us to believe that you’d be hard pressed to find a better choice of window frame – for any home, including homes within Heritage Foundation areas.   


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PVC Window Hertfordshire
PVC Window Hertfordshire
PVC Window Hertfordshire
PVC Window Hertfordshire

What's Right For You?

Whether you wish to choose traditional casement windows with smooth friction hinges, or the increasingly popular tilt and turn variety – there is a huge range to choose from. Before you make your final choice, we’d like to draw your attention to a few of the benefits of our uPVC replacement windows and doors. We believe they’re a little different from the rest – we call it our “No More” factor.

"No More'' Visual Compromise

The harsh angular lines and heavy sections of some PVC-U windows were considered to be unacceptable for houses where the existing hard or softwood windows and doors offered a more delicate appearance. Our windows, in contrast, have been uniquely designed to offer a beautiful sculptured bead and bowelled sash – the results speak for themselves – beautiful windows to suit any home, in white or in a stylish colour.


There’s nothing an opportunist burglar likes better than an inviting decayed frame – it makes his life so much easier. What a pity we’ve set out to make our PVC-U windows so difficult to breach, with security built-in and not bolted on. Not all PVC-U windows, however offer the same benefits. Lower specification PVC-U systems can offer an open invitation to the potential intruder – not so with ours.

"No More'' Anobium Pumctatum

Fit our windows and your frames have seen the last of this little chap – the common furniture beetle. Just one of the many wood boring insects that can attack timberlines, and the timber subframes that most aluminium units require. But one thing they’ll never get their teeth into is our rigid PVC-U windows.

"No More" Coniphora Cerebella

More commonly known as wet-rot, this fungus can reduce timber frames to a soggy pulp in a matter of months. Only the painstaking care of exterior timber surfaces can delay or defer its progress. Our frames, on the other hand, have no timber subframe or parts whatsoever.

''No More" Excessive Central Heating bills

PVC-U frames are draught-proof and watertight, even through 90 m.p.h. storms, thanks to two sealing gaskets inside every opening. Add that to a sealed unit double glazing with a 20mm air space (fitted as standard), and you’ll begin to see the beneficial effect our PVC-U frames could have on your heating bills for a long, long time to come.

"No More'' Filler, Putty, Sandpaper, Scrapers, Paint, Blowlamps and Backache

Apart from the occasional drop of oil on the integral hinges, our frames require no maintenance whatsoever. They’re made from a particularly tough and durable PVC-U, totally resistant to all atmospheric and climatic conditions. Unlike aluminium, they’ll never oxidize, pit or corrode, even in heavily polluted industrial areas or salt laden coastal regions.

All our installations are supplied with a fire exit hinge system to allow a window to open at 90 degrees. This is a requirement of the Fensa Regulation.


A whole new dimension has now been added to the already sleek and truly elegant appearance of the fully sculptured, integrated system. Not just a single colour, but a vast range, from subtle greys and greens to deep blues, bright reds and even black and metallics.

At the cutting edge of paint technology, our brand new, environmentally friendly paint shop, staffed with fully trained personnel is now able to bring you this latest innovation in PVCu.

The complete frame or door is sprayed using a unique coating system, specially formulated to chemically bond with the substrate to form a permanent coating of superior durability and retention of hue and gloss.

With a 10-year adhesion guarantee, this highly durable finish will not crack, flake or peel as it retains sufficient flexibility to move with the material to which it is applied. Thoroughly tested throughout Europe for over 10 years, this advanced colour system has proven resistance to all weather conditions, including salt water.

Virtually fade free, even with browns and reds, this incredible coating is also UV stable, so you can bring colour back to your home, with all the quality, low maintenance, style and benefits of PVCu.

Guaranteed Resistance to:

  •     Weather
  •     Water
  •     Alcohol (50%)
  •     Scratches
  •     Spirits
  •     Salt

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