Sash Windows

Sash Windows

Sash/vertical sliding windows create an elegant and traditional style with allthe modern benefits.

Sash Windows
New Sash Windows
When considering replacing windows, you need to be sure that they will look just right and complement the style of your home. This is particularly important if you live in either a period house or a conservation area. These windows have already been approved and installed successfully in conservation areas across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.


Built in Tilt Feature

When you choose sash windows that are designed and fabricated from REHAU profiles, quality assurance is guaranteed. Our windows are well balanced, so they will not stick, jam or slip and cleaning them could not be easier. The built in tilt feature means that you can clean both sides of the window from inside the house. REHAU S719 Heritage Vertical Sliding Window is designed to incorporate all the desirable, traditional features of an authentic sash window but with all the additional benefits and conveniences of modern PVC-U.

Designed, built and tested to strict REHAU and industry guidelines. Our craftsmanship ensures the precise fitting of Vertical Sliding Windows with all the nostalgia of a bygone age. Established in 1948, the REHAU name is synonymous with design innovation and quality of manufacturing. This makes the REHAU Heritage Style Vertical Sliding Windows the most distinctive and authentic looking PVC-U sash window system available on the UK market. All REHAU products are designed, built and tested to strict REHAU and industry guidelines.

Authenticity Without Compromise

A traditional look does not have to mean traditional security. REHAU Heritage Style Windows boast the very latest key locks, making your home even more secure.

Look at The Benefits!

Give your home the new lease of life that modern PVC-U technology brings to the replacement window industry, without sacrificing either style or efficiency. You will notice that draughts are virtually eliminated reducing your heating bills significantly and helping to conserve energy. The low maintenance of our windows means that you will not have to spend time painting them and combined with the improved noise reduction levels, you will be able to relax in peace and quiet:

  •     Vertical Slider - Fully sculptured Profile
  •     High security three chambered system (most have two)
  •     Ovolo design
  •     Rolled in gasket
  •     Triple seals
  •     24mm clearline glazing
  •     All the hardware picksup reinforcing
  •     Equal sightlines
  •     Coupling System
  •     Choice of hardware colour
  •     Decorative horns
  •     Low maintenance
  •     Easy cleaning
  •     Specially designed steel enabling window sizes upto 1500 x 2800mm to be manufactured
  •     Available in rosewood, cherrywood and all white
  •     painted colours available

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