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Kindlelight Quality AssuranceAs from July 1st 2002, a new Regulation was introduced by the Government to conserve energy to help protect the environment. This Regulation is Document “L” whereby greater savings on double glazing must be met. Kindlelight were one of the first to register under the new Scheme which controls this Regulation, called FENSA and they will regulate the industry to make sure that Document “L” is adhered to. Kindlelight goes beyond the required new Regulations and use a new soft coat which has a special cavity filled with Argon Gas, achieving a “u” value of 1.1 centre pane. Rest assured that when you make an enquiry to Kindlelight you have peace of mind. All our products are guaranteed for ten years. Details of the glazing can be found on this web site.

Energy saving glass

Soft coat has a thin invisible coating on the inside surface of the double glazed sealed unit. An energy saving ability is provided. Energy saving glasses ore also known as Low Emissivity or Low E glasses. Sealed units made with this kind of glass are installed just like conventional units.

60% less heat lost through iplus

Heat loss is measured by U-value. Its units are watts/m2K. The lower the U-value, the lower the heat loss. iplus has a 60% lower U-value than conventional double glazing.

How energy saving glass works

Conventional double glazed units absorb heat from the inside of a room and radiate it to the cooler outside. With soft coat, longwave heat radiation from the room is reflected inwards and little goes out. It works like reflective foil behind a radiator. But shortwave radiation from the sun is allowed in, so providing a free source of energy.

How heat is lost through glass

Heat is lost through glass by a mixture of radiation, convection and conduction. Soft coat reduces the loss by radiation to next to nothing. Filling the double glazed unit with a special gas such as Argon, rather than with air, cuts down the convection and conduction losses too.

  • Soft coat comes in laminated form when there is a requirement for a safety glass
  • This provides security against intrusion from outside as well as safety for people inside if the glass is broken.
  • Laminated glass safeguards fabrics and furnishings by providing a high level of protection against harmful ultra-violet light.
  • It gives more clarity of vision by appearing just like ordinary glass without the distortion that may be caused by ‘waves’ and ‘ripples’ in toughened glass.
  • There is greater noise reduction than with toughened glass.

Soft coat is neutral - just like ordinary glass

Soft coat has no colour when you look at it or through it. Other energy saving glosses are slightly coloured or can look hazy under certain lighting conditions. But soft coat is barely able to be distinguished from ordinary glass because of the special nature of its coating

Benefits to homeowners

Less heat loss so lower fuel bills

Soft coat saves energy by reflecting back heat from fires and radiators. But at the same time it allows the free heat from the sun into the home. Thermostats may be set 1 or 2 degrees lower with no loss of comfort. This saves even more money. In a new home or if you are installing central heating, you may be able to save money by putting in smaller radiators and boilers.

Reduces unpleasant internal condensation

Condensation is caused by damp warm air meeting a cold surface. With soft coat the warmer inside surface reduces the risk of condensation.

More usable space

With soft coat the inside surface of a window is warmer so cold down-draughts are reduced. When it’s freezing outside, the inside glass temperature will be 5°C or 6°C wormer than with conventional double glazing. This means that cold zones near a window are eliminated so more space in a room can be used.

Helps save the environment – the green choice

In the UK one half of all energy is used to heat buildings. Burning less fuel means less harmful carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. So increasing your own comfort and saving yourself money by choosing iplus helps save the environment too!

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