Kindlelight supercare kit
Kindlelight supercare kit

First impressions are always important. Choosing the right door is guaranteed to create a lasting impression. Whether you are reflecting the existing style and period of your home or creating a brand new image, Kindlelight has the answer. Our wide range of designs can transform the look and atmosphere of your home and couldn't be easier.

The Right Door...

And behind the good looks, you can rest assured that the design and manufacture provide a very high level of security. Our unique Monalock Security Locking Systems give added peace of mind.

Aluminium - for strength and durability

Because they are produced from aluminium, a material considerably stronger than plastic (PVCu), Monaframe frames and panels are completely rigid to prevent warping, twisting or sticking and making them virtually intruder proof. Unlike other door materials, aluminium neither absorbs water, rots or rusts.

Also unlike PVCu, MonaFrame doors do not attract dirt or discolour, making them maintenance free apart from the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. Benefits that leave them in a class of their own.

We are sure the following pages will leave you with an impression of how stylish, comfortable and secure your home will be by choosing a Monaframe door.

Traditional Styles

Choose from Kindlelight's traditional styles offering a wide range of solid decorative glass panels or select a modern profile that offers an extensive range of configurations. Entrance doors can be complemented with high security matching side panels retained by a high security glazing system. For more details on security - Click here

Monalock® Security Locking System

All our entrance doors are fitted with the Monalock® Security Locking System as standard. Kindlelight doors have been designed with security in mind all round - not just the lock. So with the benefits of aluminium's inherent strength and Kindlelight's unique design and expertise, you can rest assured your door will resist the most persistent uninvited guests. Insulated solid panels are faced with strong, durable aluminium sheets which resist flames and physical attack - adding security to style. In addition, decorative glass sealed units have a toughened outer pane - adding safety to security.

The slimline profiles of Kindlelight doors also allow to choose half or fully Glazed doors for maximum light without compromising strength or security.

Optional Timber Subframes

Your Kindlelight doors or side panels can be fitted into timber subframes. This can sometimes be preferable when there is a need to match existing door and window styles. When you choose Kindlelight, you are investing in a superbly designed, engineered and manufactured product.

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Glazing Options

To complement our entrance door range, a number of decorative aluminium panels are available. See below

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