Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian style conservatory is the most elegant looking, similar to an Edwardian conservatory but with a three or five facet front.

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The Victorian conservatory with its classical English design is completely adaptable to suit all house styles and is available in a wide range of designs. North, South, East or West, the aspect of a conservatory will affect its ambience. It may be a sunny breakfast spot, or be filled with the rich glow of the setting sun in the evening. Or perhaps it’s south-facing with sunlight streaming through from dawn until dusk.

These factors may well influence how and when you use your conservatory. Whatever your preferences (and chances are there will be more than one), there are as many variations of conservatory design as there are pursuits you can follow in them. That’s why we offer a bespoke service. We can design and build a conservatory exactly to suit you – and your house.

This is the lower intersection between two slopes on the roof and therefore acts as the drainage channel as well as helping to give support and stability.

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